A Multi-Tenant PBX Software

A ready-to-deploy, multi-domain, secure PBX server, feature-loaded to help you make most of your VoIP calls.
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Top Reasons to Choose
Multi-Tenant PepperPBX

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*Requires additional development.

Manage your VoIP calling operations easily with Multi-tenant PBX system


Easy to use and simple to manage

A single instance can handle multiple customers/tenants and provide each customer with a dedicated PBX interface sharing a common FreeSWITCH server. Admin and Tenant admins can easily manage user profiles under them and allocate resources with a single click.
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Highly secure and scalable solution

Whether you are a business owner or VoIP service provider with many tenants and customers under you, PepperPBX addresses everyone’s needs. Being a plug-and-play solution, the only prerequisites you need are a high-speed and good bandwidth internet connection and VoIP-supported devices such IP phones or software-based dialers. Cutting-edge security protocols and firewall support ensures all your business communication remains secure.

Real World Application


Technology Foundation of Multi-Tenant PepperPBX

Web Service
VoIP Framework

PepperPBX FAQs

  • PepperPBX is a multi-tenant IP-PBX software that operates on the VoIP protocol. It is available in both on-cloud and on-premises and is designed to handle inbound and outbound calls efficiently.
  • PepperPBX goes beyond basic phone calls, offering advanced features to streamline your business operations. These include firewall management, monitoring windows for inbound call centers, SMS/MMS support, a built-in web phone, multi-factor authentication, and much more.
  • Absolutely! PepperPBX includes a reseller module for efficient user management. This module provides the features and tools resellers need to manage their customers effectively.
  • Yes, PepperPBX prioritizes uptime with a failover mechanism. To achieve high availability, you can purchase additional licenses. These licenses would be deployed in separate data centers, ensuring seamless service even if one data center experiences an issue.
  • Yes, PepperPBX can be integrated with any CRM upon client request. However, this will require additional customization and development work.
  • Yes, PepperPBX supports a wide range of in-built IP phone templates and auto-provisioning functionality. If your IP phone is not on the list, we can add it with some customization upon your request.
  • Yes, You need to do the configuration for auto-provisioning from the device for the first time, where you have to add the device provisioning URL, username & password to the device. Then you can make any changes in PepperPBX related to the auto provisioning. You can also configure an IP Phone using a URL only, but it is not advisable for security concerns.
  • No, you can create as many extensions and users as you need. There are no limitations, although it primarily depends on your hardware setup.
  • Yes, you can configure the E911 gateway and add an Outbound route to dial Emergency calls.

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